Corn Pudding Recipes

Corn Pudding Recipes

With only a few ingredients, Corn Pudding is a simple side dish that brings back memories. This quick, buttery, and creamy side dish is perfect for the holidays.

With only five ingredients and a fluffier, less corn-like texture, our traditional Corn Casserole is just as delectable as this meal. For additional mouthwatering choices, see our recipes for side dishes.

A creamier variation of your favorite corn dish or corn soufflé is corn pudding. Cornstarch is used to thicken the mixture, which is made without any flour. It takes little time to prepare but adds a lot of flavor to your holiday meal. Additionally, we’ve provided some tasty taste alternatives for you to explore in order to spice up this traditional dish.\

These flavor combinations will perk up your corn pudding:
Mexican: Add cumin, cayenne pepper, oregano, and cotija cheese over top.
Jalapeo Popper: Before baking, top with cream cheese and add sliced jalapenos.
BBQ: Stir in some onion and bacon bits that have been caramelized, and then top with pulled pork or serve on the side.
Cajun-seasoned chopped shrimp with chunks of bacon and onion in a grits dish.

Pudding made from corn:
Milk: Adds a creamy mouthfeel; use full-fat milk only.
Cornstarch: Although this recipe doesn’t call for flour, it nonetheless makes the custard-like filling possible.

Sugar: This recipe traditionally calls for a touch of sweetness, but you may effectively reduce the amount to half for a savory flavor.
Whole Corn Kernels: These provide texture to the meal, but be sure to drain the canned or frozen corn well before using.
Creamed Corn: Because creamed corn contributes to the recipe’s moisture addition, it cannot be substituted evenly for extra whole kernel corn.
Eggs: Eggs give a dish a lot of its body; do not replace egg whites or an egg substitute.
Butter: The butter gives the dish the necessary fat. If you like, you may use margarine.

The Corn Pudding
With only a few simple ingredients, your family has been making corn pudding for years. You’ll like this buttery, creamy, and simple side dish for the holidays!


1 can whole kernel corn,

15.25 ounces, drained;

2 cans cream-style corn,

14.75 ounces; 4 tablespoons cornstarch;

1 cup melted butter;

5 big eggs;

1/4 cup sugar;

A 400 degree oven is recommended.
Milk should be added to a big dish.
Add the cornstarch and thoroughly stir.
Stir the remaining ingredients together after adding them.
Cook for an hour after pouring into a big casserole baking dish.
176kcal; 25g carbohydrate; 5g protein; 8g fat; 4g saturated fat; 82 mg cholesterol; 341 mg sodium; 173 mg potassium; 1g fiber; 7g sugar; 335 IU vitamin A; 4mg vitamin C; 26mg calcium; 1mg iron;