DIY Breakfast Protein Box - Easy Meal Prep

DIY Breakfast Protein Box – Easy Meal Prep

DIY Breakfast Protein Box – Easy Meal Prep

This DIY Breakfast Protein Snack Box is so easy to put together and perfect for grab and go or taking to work. These are some of my favorite breakfast foods. Fresh colorful fruit, a hardboiled egg, cottage cheese and roasted almonds for a little crunch. Some mornings are so hectic, it’s a lifesaver to have breakfast prepped and ready to go!

DIY Breakfast Protein Box – Easy Morning Meal Prep

For these meal prep boxes, I used these glass meal prep containers. The lids snap on really nicely and I like how the dividers keep everything organized. If you are packing for kids or taking them on the go, they have BPA free plastic divided containers. To keep the almonds organized and portion controlled, I use these portions cups with lids.

DIY Breakfast Protein Box – Easy Meal Prep
Fresh Strawberries

Fresh Diced Pineapple
4 hardboiled eggs
2 cups of low fat cottage cheese
6 oz roasted almonds
Divide ingredients evenly in 4 meal prep containers.

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