Using this Frozen Yogurt Bark

Using this Frozen Yogurt Bark

Using this Frozen Yogurt Bark

This Frozen Yogurt Bark combines two go-to healthy snack ingredients, whole fruit and yogurt, to create a tasty treat to share on a hot day. The greatest thing is that making this tasty delicacy just requires a small number of ingredients. It’s a wonderful dish that kids can assist with or prepare on their own.

I recall making “frozen yogurt” many, many (many) years ago by freezing yogurt. Literally.  I’m not sure why we felt it was a good idea since chiseling yogurt flakes off was essentially a futile exercise. 

I was immediately fascinated when I realized how brilliant Frozen Yogurt Bark was. You may make a frozen dessert that freezes and softens much more quickly by spreading the yogurt out thinly and freezing it. Additionally, it may be divided into tiny serving sizes to give to the kids when they are playing outdoors on a bright day.

Recipe for healthy, simple frozen fruit yogurt bark

You may freeze yogurt on its own, but I prefer to garnish it with a variety of ingredients, such as fresh fruit, granola, small baking chips, or even some nuts if I happen to have some on hand. Alternatively, you might melt some white or chocolate chips and sprinkle the melted chocolate over the yogurt bark.

Yogurt comes in a variety of flavors; I chose vanilla, but you could also use strawberry or peach. Both the traditional thin yogurt and the thicker Greek yogurt should work in this situation, but I chose the former.

Possibile flavor combinations
granola and sliced fresh peaches or nectarines over top of peach yogurt.
Chocolate yogurt with small chocolate chips on top (or vanilla yogurt blended with a little cocoa powder)
Combine a few different colored yogurts to make rainbow yogurt, then top it with rainbow sprinkles (kid favorite)

The ideal healthy frozen treat is creamy yogurt topped with fresh fruit and frozen into a cold bark.

1 kiwi, diced
1 banana, thinly sliced
½ cup rasperries, cut in half
¼ shelled pistachios, finely chopped
1 (32 oz) container vanilla yogurt

Wax paper is used to line a baking sheet with a rim.
The yogurt should be evenly layered and about 1/4 to 1/3 inch thick in the prepared pan. Kiwi, banana, raspberries, and pistachios should be sprinkled over top and gently pressed into the yogurt.
Frozen for roughly 4 hours or until solid.

Peel the wax paper off the bark once it has hardened, then cut the bark into smaller pieces. Until you are ready to consume, freeze in a freezer bag or storage container.

Additional Flavor Combos:

-Peach yogurt garnished with granola and chopped fresh peaches or nectarines.

-Chocolate yogurt with micro chocolate chips on top (or vanilla yogurt blended with a little cocoa powder).

-Rainbow yogurt (whirl together a few different colored yogurts and top with rainbow sprinkles) (kid favorite)