Keto Sushi Rolls (Cooked)

Keto Sushi Rolls (Cooked)

Keto Sushi Rolls (Cooked)

I enjoy impressing people by preparing sushi at home, but sushi rice is tough to master, and even when you do, it’s a pain to deal with. Going out for sushi is always worth the money in my view. When you add in the fact that you’re trying to decrease carbohydrates, rice becomes a no-no all around. Don’t be concerned! You can still eat sushi and stay on track with your keto diet if you create these sushi rolls instead. 

Ingredients You may add to or subtract from this list as desired. 

Cream cheese with smoked salmon and fake crab (stick style, not chunks)
green onion cucumber
Other options (some of which aren’t keto) include:
goat cheese made with tofu
sesame seeds, white or black
grilled steak with teriyaki sauce (delicious!)
Asparagus with cooked/seasoned chicken
panko breadcrumbs (seasoned)

You may now add your preferred fillings. Don’t overfill it, but you may fill it up a little more than you expect. See my photo below for an idea of how full they may be. I could have easily put a couple more pieces of fake crab and still been satisfied.

Another thing I learnt from practice is that a block of cream cheese is preferable to a tub when using cream cheese. I had the spreadable variety and could have spread it on the fish before adding the rest of the ingredients. I was able to pull the cream cheese off the spoon using the imitation crab, which worked wonderfully. It’s also a good idea to use a knife instead of a spoon.

The next step is to roll the salmon in plastic wrap. Make sure the plastic wrap does not get rolled into the roll.

Begin cutting your roll in the middle and work your way out to the ends, cutting approximately an inch to an inch and a half wide.

Carefully peel aside the plastic wrap and arrange them on a platter to make them seem great! That is all there is to it.

Sushi Rolls on a Keto Diet

Sushi rolls that have been cooked without rice, perfect for keeping to your keto diet! Did I mention they’re really easy to make and don’t require any heat? Let’s GO! All the tasty sushi without the effort and carbohydrates!


2 smoked salmon packets the thinly sliced packets
1 pound cream cheese (8 ounces) (in a block)
2 green onion bundle
1 pk imitation crab “leg style”
1 pound avocado

Remove the plastic wrap from the cutting board and carefully separate the smoked salmon pieces. Place them on the plastic wrap “top-side-down.” By nearly an inch, overlap the next slice. Repeat until your smoked salmon’sheet’ is roughly the same length as it is broad. (It seemed like my square was 12 inches by 12 inches.)
2 smoked salmon packets

Place cream cheese, avocado, and imitation crab in the first 4 inches of salmon. Green onions are a personal preference.
1 pound cream cheese (in a block), 1 pound imitation crab (leg style), 1 pound avocado, 1 bundle green onions
The sheet for rolling sushi is made up of three slices of smoked salmon laid out on plastic wrap.

Lift the smoked salmon with the plastic wrap and roll it over the contents. Continue to peel the plastic wrap away from the overlap as you roll more of the salmon over to form the sushi roll.
a picture of how much filling to put on your salmon before rolling it.

The salmon is entirely rolled once you reach the finish. Remove the plastic wrap from the salmon and set it aside.

Carefully cut into the fish with a very sharp knife. You are unable to exert pressure! Your knife should be sharp enough to cut through the roll with the least amount of pressure. Cut through the roll’s middle, then work your way out to the ends, removing approximately an inch off each end.
Impress your guests by arranging them on a dish like a pro! The key is to keep the cut side of the end pieces up. They resemble flower sculptures, with the excess material protruding slightly.