Cucumber, avocado, and kimchi sushis are one of my favorite combinations because of the flavor and the fact that I usually have these ingredients on hand. Cucumbers give freshness, avocados contribute creaminess, and kimchi offers just the proper amount of sourness and flavor punch. As you may have seen, I posted a kimchi hack a few weeks ago that works beautifully in this recipe (that is what I used).

There is an art to rolling sushi, but I’m not an artist in this regard. Begin by placing your nori sheet on a sushi mat or your worktop with the rough side facing up (the rough side should be touching the rice, this way it sticks better to the nori). Spread sushi rice or white rice over one third to half of the nori sheet, filling the portion nearest to you, and spreading with a spoon or rice spoon until the rice is approximately 1/2 in thick, going all the way to the edges. In the rice part closest to your body, layer your ingredients in a line about a third of the way in.

Fold over the rice mat (if used) or just roll the nori wraps from the end closest to you, ensuring that all of the stacked components are covered. Continue to roll the sheet firmly until you reach the last inch, then dampen the end with water and finish rolling the sushi. Once you’ve finished one roll, place it aside with the wet spot facing down so it dries quickly (thanks to gravity), and continue rolling as many as you wish. Cut the sushis into 3/4-inch pieces or eat them whole, like a sushi burrito!

Finally, make the fast spicy drizzle by combining raw cashews, celery, sriracha (or other hot sauce), black pepper, and lime juice together in a blender. Pour it over the top and call it a day! (Alternatively, serve it with a dash of soy sauce).


Sushi Sushi rice, prepared according per package directions

avocado julienned,

sliced Kimchi, and thinly sliced Nori sheets
Seeds of sesame (optional)

1/4 cup raw cashews (sauce)
1/4 to 1/2 cup cashew milk (unsweetened) or water
1 tablespoon sriracha (or other hot sauce)

1 tablespoon lime juice
a quarter teaspoon of black pepper
Cook the rice according to the package directions. Allow it cool for a few minutes after cooking until it is easy to handle.
Place a nori sheet on the table and sprinkle rice over roughly one-third to one-half of it.
In the centre of the rice area, layer the other sushi components in a single line.
Use a sushi mat or your hands to roll the sushi. To help it stick, moisten the end of the nori sheet with a little water.
Place the roll on the side where the nori sheet is clinging to itself until all of the rolls have been placed.

Slice the rolls into small pieces.
Blend the cashews, cashew milk (or water), sriracha, lime juice, and black pepper to make the spicy mayo-style sauce.
Drizzle over sushi and serve immediately, or with a splash of soy sauce in a sauce bowl.