Really Simple Chicken Pie

Really Simple Chicken Pie

Really Simple Chicken Pie

A gorgeous school mom just fractured her wrist and is unable to work. So, to relieve her workload, another kind mother proposed that we prepare several dinners over the course of two weeks. I created the vegetarian lasagna I had planned to make, only to learn the dad didn’t like cheese. Uh oh. Before I built it, having that knowledge would have been useful. But because there are many hungry people here, we just ate it there. Then, I made an attempt to come up with a dish that the entire family would enjoy, could be quickly reheated, and didn’t take much work on my part.

really excellent

Prior to making one to serve others, I chose to try it out on my own family. It appeared to be a winner in the book since it appeared to be tasty, simple to prepare, and quick. If only I had more time, I would have created the best chicken pie. Chicken Pot Pie from the Pioneer Woman. However, it takes time. It’s time to cook a whole chicken and prepare your own pastry.

Pâté de Poulet

So try this one if you don’t have a lot of time. Here, it was a huge success. Just a word of caution; no leftovers. Do yourself a favor, women, and save some pie for your partner after you and the kids have finished eating it. Put the pie away from view. returning to the oven In the microwave, conceal it. away from view. I returned a few times because it was just that fantastic. It kept pleading with me for a little bit more. When Retro Daddy eventually returned, I had a fleeting regret that we hadn’t left him for as long.

What is required
2 breasts of chicken (about 500g)
two bunches of sliced mushrooms
1 diced onion
50g of butter or two tablespoons of oil
2 tablespoons of ordinary flour
2-cups of stock
white wine spilled well (optional)
new herbs (parsley, basil, whatever you have going)
two puff pastry sheets
One egg plus a splash of milk
pepper; salt

Large chicken breast portions should be cut up and placed in a pot with cold water to cover. When the chicken is fully cooked, simmer for 10 to 15 minutes after bringing to a boil. Into smaller cubes, cut. In the meantime, sauté mushrooms and onions in butter or oil. While I was sauteeing, I realized that butter might be preferable to the oil that the recipe called for.

pie with chicken

Whisk in the stock and wine after adding the flour (optional). Add herbs, season thoroughly, and let sauce thicken. After that, stir in the chicken well.

the process of filling

Put a sheet of your puff pastry in a pie dish or tart pan after brushing it with butter. Add the filling, and then cover with the second puff pastry layer. Trim the pastry’s corners, then connect the pastry’s edges all the way around. Brush with a mixture of milk and an egg that has been beaten. For approximately 25 minutes, bake at 190 degrees, then take out and consume.