Kiwi Mulberry Pomegranate Mixed Fruit 

Kiwi Mulberry Pomegranate Mixed Fruit Chaat

Kiwi Mulberry Pomegranate Mixed Fruit 

It has been a very busy month. The tween turned into a teen tornado. And we have been busy redoing the room from a baby pink and lavender to a royal turquoise and lilac. The furniture is more teenager like and so are the room accessories. She is excited and so am I. I had thought it would be a daunting experience because I wouldn’t be ready. But it has turned to be a great joy. A whole new person is emerging right in front of my eyes and I suddenly have a new friend, interesting and refreshing take on the world, and just an adorably good girl. ( well mostly)

My life has a fresh new perspective because of this young new person. I am eternally thankful and grateful to have her in my life. We have the regular broody teen moments, but I think we will survive!

These amazing women have been powering through the power foods week after week and I always look forward to their posts. I learn a lot from them and have learned a lot about my food on this journey.

Kiwi Mulberry Pomegranate Mixed Fruit
2 peeled kiwi fruits
1 apple
1/4 C pomegranate seeds
1/4 C dried mulberry add raisins or any other berries
1/2 tsp chaat masala
1 tbs shelled pistachios
Himalayan pink salt you can use any salt
1/4 tsp Cayenne powder
Chop / slice the kiwis and the apple. Toss everything together.
Mix, check the seasoning and devour.
You can also add some cilantro for another layer of flavor.