Best Vegan Turkey Products for Thanksgiving

Best Vegan Turkey Products for Thanksgiving

Best Vegan Turkey Products for Thanksgiving

will offer vegan holiday dishes to keep up with the plant-based trend, including a vegan stuffed turkey. Read below for other plant-based turkeys available around North America this season.

Whole Foods will sell a turkey alternative made by The Herbivorous Butcher – well-known Minneapolis producer of a wide range of “mock meats” – whose Vegan Stuffed Turk’y comes with French bread and wild rice. which comes with green beans with gravy, shallots, mashed potatoes, and cranberry-orange sauce.

Sweet Lupines – for Prolupin it is the future protein source!


Has a Savory Stuffed Turky and a Holiday Roast.


Has a range of roast meats including: plantbased roast with wild rice; Everyday Ham Roast; and Roast and Gravy.

Field Roast

whole-turkey vegetarian plus
Vegetarian Plus Whole Turkey

Vegetarian Plus

Offers a wide range of alternatives such as vegan smoked ham rolls, roast ham rolls, chicken rolls, vegan whole turkey, and two types of vegan turkey roll.
Healthy eating shouldn’t mean sacrificing taste or visual appeal. Vegetarian Plus’s vegan turkey easily heats and serves in just one hour. Once heated, the turkey is firm, moist, and slices wonderfully. To round out the meal, the package included Vegan Gravy and a side of Vegan Stuffing.

From the nutrients, onions contain a lot of carbohydrates, in small amounts of vegetable proteins and fats. But the true value of onions in the diet comes from the content of vitamins and minerals. It is a real treasure trove of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, herbal hormones… Contains sulfur, vitamins B1, B2, C, K, P, beta-carotene. Onions act similarly to insulin in the body.