Quick and Creamy Avocado Pasta (15 Min, Vegan)

Quick and Creamy Avocado Pasta (15 Min, Vegan)

Quick and Creamy Avocado Pasta (15 Min, Vegan)

Cream. Delightful and delicious, playful yet palatable. And a great way to grow those hips or man tits! We recently amazed the world with our audacious claim that pancakes could be made using only bananas and eggs as the ingredients (Banana-Egg-Pancakes), and we were happily proven right. So here we are again, claiming a creamy sauce can be made without cream. WTF?

Yep, leave those cows alone and pick up an avocado instead. When mashed up, avocado flesh takes on a lovely creamy texture, and mixed with the combination of lemon, salt and pepper it makes a simple but unique flavour.

Throw in some cherry tomatoes and soy sauce to add a little tang and you’ve got one hell of a satisfying meal.

Health Benefits – Creamy Avocado Pasta
Fat is bad. Right? Wrong? The debate has been raging for a long while now, but the answer is really quite simple. In a fatty nutshell: saturated fat = not so good, unsaturated fat = good. This mouth-watering dish bears this in mind, with only 5.7g of it being ‘not so good’ fat. The other 24.9g is ‘good’ fat, needed as part of a balanced diet. Check it out here (Fatty Fat Fats).

Quick and Creamy Avocado Pasta (15 Min, Vegan)

If you’ve read some of our other recipes you’ll see how much we love to bang on about fiber. Fiber is absolutely ESSENTIAL to a good diet, and most people aren’t getting enough of it. Fiber helps to cut down the risk of heart disease, diabetes, strokes and numerous other evils (Fabulous Fiber), and one serving of this dish contains 66% of your GDA.

Combine that with 50% of your recommended vitamin C dose and 36% of iron and only one question remains: why the hell aren’t you face down in a bowl right now??

We’d also like to point out that this dish is fully vegan, and no animals were harmed during the making of it. Win win.

Quick and Creamy Avocado Pasta

5 oz whole wheat pasta
1 cup cherry tomatoes
¼ cup basil, fresh (dry basil will do too, but use less)
1 large avocado
2-3 tbsp lemon juice
1-2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp olive oil
1 clove garlic
salt to taste
Add a few tbsps of water, if too thick.
2 tbsp sesame seeds (roasted)
1 thumb ginger, fresh

Bring water to boil and chuck in pasta.
Use pasta cooking time to prepare the avocado sauce:
Mash the avocado flesh with a fork in a bowl until its creamy (if you have a food processor, use that)
Add olive oil, lemon juice and soy sauce to the mashed avocado
Cut the basil leaves and add them to the bowl
Grate the garlic and ginger and add them too. Remember, ginger is optional. Unless you’re born that way
If the mix is too thick then add some tablespoons of water
Drain the pasta and place it back in the pot. Add the avocado sauce and stir nicely
Halve the cherry tomatoes and throw in with pasta
Sprinkle with sesame seeds if you have them to hand and season with a bit of salt.
Boom! Ready 🙂

You could also add some olives and chili flakes to pep it up a little more!