Arroz con Pollo

Arroz con Pollo hondueno

Weeknight dinners are ideal for this one-pan recipe. Simply translated as “rice with chicken,” Arroz con Pollo hondueno is what it sounds like. The chicken, which is first grilled and then cooked with the rice, gives the rice an incredible amount of flavor. You may include this in your next meal plan for a quick and tasty supper.

One meal that brings back childhood memories is Arroz con Pollo hondueno. This meal is so simple and inexpensive that my mum used to make it frequently. Additionally, it produces a lot of food, making leftovers a breeze. This dish’s best feature is the excellent taste the chicken gives the rice.

Prior to adding the chicken back into the rice to continue cooking and add flavor, the chicken is first seared. My mother has always included mixed vegetables since, after all, we should always add a little healthy touch.

What you’ll need to create Arroz con Pollo hondueno is listed below:

-Preferred chicken portions, such as chicken thighs
White long-grain rice
-Cut up onion
-Ginger, minced
-Tomato ketchup
Mixture of veggies
– Chicken soup
the components of arroz con pollo. Chicken thighs on a plate, a bowl of mixed veggies, a cup of rice, a cup of chicken broth, a bowl of tomato sauce, and an onion bowk.
You most likely already have these ingredients in your refrigerator and cupboard. By cutting the onion, mincing the garlic, and washing the rice, you may prepare ahead of time. My grandmother taught me how to rinse the rice, and she still does it now. It aids in rinsing some of the starch away and results in less “sticky” rice that won’t clump. Although it is not required, this break is strongly advised for the best outcomes. Just believe my grandmother; it’s wise to do so ;).

1 cup of white long-grained rice
2 cups of chicken stock, note
1/2 cup of tomato sauce
1 cup of frozen or canned mixed veggies, thawed
1/2 chopped onion
1 pound of your choice of chicken thighs or chicken breasts
1–2 teaspoons cumin s&p to taste, adjust to taste
olive juice

Use cold water to thoroughly rinse the rice in a strainer. To keep rice from sticking together and clumping, this is strongly advised.
Olive oil and onion should be added to a big pan set over medium heat. Add garlic after a few minutes of cooking.
Cumin, pepper, and salt are used to season chicken. Add the chicken to the pan and cook it until both sides are browned.
If the chicken is not fully done, don’t panic; the rice will finish cooking the chicken. Take the chicken out of the pan and set it aside.
Rice should be added to the pan and cooked with onion and garlic until just toasted. Include the veggies and tomato sauce. Add chicken broth, then give the mixture a quick swirl. Salt as necessary.
Re-add the chicken thighs to the pan with the rice on top. It should cook for about 30 minutes at medium heat with a cover on. Cook for an extra 5 minutes to completely absorb any liquid that is left over after 30 minutes if necessary. After removing from heat, leave covered for a further ten minutes.
Notes *I grew up eating this prepared with water instead of broth and chicken bouillon. This is a very acceptable substitute.
For brighter rice, my mother also used Sazon Goya, a package of flavor mix and coloring. Use this if you want to add more taste and color.