There are several varieties of puree. But mashed potatoes continue to be a staple of Belgian cooking. Tasty in every season, creamy, and delicious. But how can you prepare mashed potatoes that are delectably creamy? We are excited to share with you our optimal puree recipe!

There are several methods to cook potatoes, including baking them in a skillet, cutting them into chips, and making a delectable mash. For weeknight dinners as well as special occasions, mashed potatoes are a great choice!

We’re pleased to provide the following advice so you may adjust any puree recipe to your preferences:

The best choice is to use potatoes that have been mixed with flour.
Before mashing, bring the potatoes to a thorough boil.
When the potatoes are done cooking, take the pot’s top off and let them cool a little. The leftover water might totally evaporate in this manner.
Utilizing a masher or potato masher, puree the potatoes.
Add nutmeg, salt, and pepper to taste.
Add an egg yolk and a lump of Solo near the end of the process for a delightful outcome.

There are two categories of mashed potato lovers. Some individuals want their mashed potatoes to be creamy and free of potato pieces. Some individuals like a few bits in their purée. Using our puree formula, you can win over both demographics.

It is advisable to put the puree through a pass-vit if you want a smooth mashed potato. You obtain a homogenous mass free of fragments in this manner. Use a potato masher to mash the potatoes if you’d rather have some chunks in your mash.

If you want to purée, a mixer is the only thing to use! Never blend your puree in a mixer, food processor, or blender. Your potatoes’ texture will be entirely destroyed, and your mashed potatoes will seem thin and flavorless as a result. A good mashed potato should be fluffy and light.