Protein-Packed Rainbow Cottage Cheese Breakfast Bowls

Protein-Packed Rainbow Cottage Cheese Breakfast Bowls

Protein-Packed Rainbow Cottage Cheese Breakfast Bowls

Cottage cheese bowls with a rainbow of fresh fruit and your favorite granola. Full of protein, fiber and incredibly easy to make.

cottage cheese bowls with rainbow fruit

Anyway, while I was away I got a few emails asking about airplane food, eating healthy while traveling and staying active. Obviously doing all of these things well while on vacation is difficult for many of us; especially women. We want to indulge, but we also want to feel confident in our swimsuits while on the beach.

But I will tell you this: I’ve been on vacations where I went to town at the buffet. I’ve also been on vacations where I’ve eaten nothing and exercised way too much. Neither has left me satisfied.

If you can relate to this, then you know that worrying about food can consume you. It takes away your happiness, your thoughts and controls your emotions. I’ve been there. Believe me, I’ve been there many times before.

After years of torturing myself whenever I attempted to go on vacation, I learned to let go. Let go of all of the pressure and expectations I put on myself and my body. Let go of what I think my butt looks like when I put on a swimsuit. Just freaking live and be a human being, just how we’re supposed to be: Imperfectly beautiful.

Yes, I’m freaking imperfect and proud of it. We all are.

These days when I go on relaxing beach vacations, I eat what I want. It doesn’t mean I eat in excess or just lay on the beach without moving my body; what it does mean is that I walk on the beach, play tennis and go hiking. And so what if I indulge a little more than usual? It’s not going to change or define who I am. Nor would it for you.

And when I get back home, I know that I can easily get back on track. And that’s what makes it okay. It’s called balance. Being alive and living your life is the most important thing we have.

So there you have it. I don’t eat perfectly. I’m not a model. I’m not a freaking Instagram star. I am who I am.

And this week, I’ll keep it a little lighter with plenty of veggies, lean protein and smoothies. And definitely these cottage cheese breakfast bowls. I’m in love with how easy and amazing they are.

It’s simple: cottage cheese, plenty of fresh fruit and your favorite granola. Look, I love greek yogurt but there’s just something fantastic about cottage cheese. So give it a try.

Protein-Packed Rainbow Cottage Cheese Breakfast Bowls
cottage cheese bowls with rainbow fruit

Forget greek yogurt and try protein packed cottage cheese bowls for breakfast! Add granola and your favorite fruit to make it sweet and satisfying.

1/2 cup low fat cottage cheese
1/4 cup your favorite granola (I like Purely Elizabeth)
1/2 banana
1/2 cup sliced strawberries
1/2 kiwi, sliced
1/4 cup blueberries
1 tablespoon chia seeds
Sprinkle of cinnamon
Add cottage cheese to a bowl or place in a jar. Then add granola, fruit and chia seeds. Serves 1. Enjoy!