The Corn Pudding

The Corn Pudding

One of our favorites, Corn Pudding is a fantastic corn dish. Every mouthful is filled with wonderful corn, similar to a corn souffle. It is really quick and simple. This can be put together in under five minutes. I’ve made this delicious recipe for corn pudding a lot over the years since my family enjoys it so much.

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One of the BEST recipes I’ve gathered since I started cooking is this one. It’s quite simple. Fresh corn, frozen corn, or the typical canned corn may all be used to prepare it. It has a wonderful, airy texture akin to a souffle without compromising taste. Additionally, I always have these ingredients on hand, so I can quickly put this dish together and have it ready to go in about three minutes.

She was a fantastic country chef. I eventually asked her for the recipe after seeing her make this multiple times. Every time I prepare this dish, which has been many times over the years, I think of Kay. This corn pudding dish is perhaps the quickest, simplest, and most affordable corn recipe you can discover. This wonderful corn dish is one that we like, and I believe your family will too.

However, there is one restriction. In this manner, the corn properly cooks and settles. It received a lot of positive feedback when I served it to guests yesterday. It continues to be one of our favorites for sides!

Amazing corn casserole recipe with a souffle-like consistency. Quick, simple, and ideal for entertaining around the holidays.

Three big eggs
2 cups milk and 1/2 tsp. salt
2 15-oz. cans of whole kernel corn, drained, and half a cup sugar
1/4 cup of melted 1/2 stick unsalted butter
All-purpose flour, 3 heaping teaspoons I work with unbleached flour.

In a 350° oven, melt butter in a 9×13″ baking dish.
Beat eggs, flour, and sugar together thoroughly.
Add salt, milk, and corn.
After combining the corn mixture, add it to the baking dish with the melted butter.
Bake until hard, about 45 to 60 minutes.
Make sure to thoroughly swirl the corn mixture and melted butter to prevent the sugar from settling in one area of the dish. NOTE: If you’re pressed for time, you can alternatively microwave the butter and spread it over the bottom of a glass 9×13″ casserole dish.