Syn Free Diet Coke Chicken

Syn Free Diet Coke Chicken

Syn Free Diet Coke Chicken

Delicious Rich Diet Coke Chicken – a popular dish that the whole family will dig in and enjoy!!

Diet Coke chicken in a black frying pan with wooden handle

Bang Bang Chicken Pasta

The original recipe uses ketchup or sometimes even soy sauce. But is loved by many because of the tender braised pieces of chicken you get from that delicious sauce.

Diet Coke chicken in black frying pan with wooden spoon

Diet Coke Chicken or Diet Pepsi Chicken
You can use either pepsi, coke or a store own brand, doesn’t need to be specific, either will do the same job.

close up of Diet Coke chicken in black frying pan with wooden spoon

What type of Chicken in Diet Coke Chicken?
Chicken thighs are definitely my preferred cut of chicken I like to use in this Diet Coke Chicken recipes because then stay nice and tender in this method of cooking the chicken.

By all means use chicken breast, if that’s what you prefer, but just bear in mind the best results are with chicken thigh as recommend for this recipe.

Don’t fancy chicken at all, then piece of pork will work in this recipe also. I use pork shoulder chops, that I remove from the bone and trim any visible fat. They are cheap cuts and are great for this method of cooking.

Diet Fanta Chicken
Many have swapped the cola for something like diet fanta or tango instead, to make a more sweet and sour style dish. It’s a great way to get different flavours.

Why is my sauce not thickening for the Diet Coke Chicken?
If your sauce is not thickening then there is a few things to check, have you definitely use tomato puree (paste) and not passata?

Tomato puree is concentrated and much thicker and is what is used in this recipe, passata will not yield the same thick sauce as you see in these pictures.

The other thing to check is that your heat is not too low, you don’t want it boiling constantly, but you also don’t want it to be just at a simmer, as the sauce will not bubble enough to reduce down. Once you get it to boiling, you want to reduce the heat to medium-high so that it still bubbles away, don’t add a lid as that will make it take longer to reduce. If you are worried about the splatters, one of these splatter screens for you pan are perfect.

It really does not take longer than 20 minutes for this sauce to reduce and thicken, so if it’s taking longer, you have the heat too low.

Diet Coke chicken in black frying pan with wooden spoon on a wooden board

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Slow Cooker Diet Coke Chicken
This recipe also works well in a slow cooker for a pulled chicken or pulled pork recipe. I recommend adding in some smoked paprika for that smokey flavour.

As you are not doing the reducing down method as on the stove, If you want the sauce really thick, you can take out the pork or chicken once cooked, shred it with two forks and then add the sauce to a saucepan to reduce down to thicken. Before mixing the sauce with the shredded meat. Perfect!!

Or placing the lid slightly ajar for the last hour works too.

Diet Coke chicken on white plate with salad and chips and frying pan in background

Sides for Diet Coke Chicken?
We love this with my Perfect Syn Free Chips or just plain rice. If you would rather serve this with a veggie-packed option, you could also go for this Roasted Cauliflower Rice or Egg Fried Cauliflower Rice instead for a healthy alternative.

Vegetables for Diet Coke Chicken
I always prefer to cook my vegetable separately for this and not in the sauce, the sauce is pretty sweet and bbq like, so adding the vegetables into the sauce just makes a plate of food that is too sweet overall.

Cooking the vegetables separately also ensures they are not overcooked and you can actually taste the yummy vegetables.

Some of my favourites to serve with this are:

Roasted or sauteed broccoli
Sauteed zucchini (courgette)
Peppers and onions
Stir Fry Mix

Syn Free Diet Coke Chicken

Delicious Rich Diet Coke Chicken – a popular dish that the whole family will dig in and enjoy!!

8 small boneless skinless chicken thighs, raw (approx 600g/21oz)
1 can of diet coke
½ cup (120ml) of tomato paste (puree)
2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar
1 cup (240ml) of chicken stock
½ tsp of garlic powder
salt and black pepper to season
fresh chopped Italian parsley
optional: add ¼ tsp of cayenne for a bit of heat or ½ tbs of smoked paprika for that smokey flavour
Stove Top:

Add the coke, tomato paste, balsamic vinegar, garlic powder and chicken broth to a deep frying pan and whisk to combine.
Place in the chicken thighs.
Bring to a boil, and then reduce heat (medium high( and allow to bubble (not simmer) until the sauce reduces down into a thick sauce that coats the chicken. (approx 20 mins)
Season as needed with salt and black pepper
Sprinkle with freshly chopped Italian parsley.
Serve with your choice of sides
Slow Cooker:

Add all ingredients to the slow cooker
Cook on high for 4 hours or low for 8 hours
Once cooked, carefully remove chicken with a slotted spoon
Add sauce to a pan and bubble on a middle heat to reduce down to desired thickness and then pour over the chicken.
Season as needed with salt and black pepper
Serve with your choice of sides.

NOTE: If the sauce is not reducing, you have the heat too low, after bringing to a boil, you want the heat on medium high, so that it still bubbles to reduce down, if you reduce to a simmer, the heat is too low for the sauce to thicken. It takes 20 minutes for this process, so if it’s take longer you need to turn your heat up a little.