Sushi Rolls with Smoked Salmon on a Keto Diet

Sushi Rolls with Smoked Salmon on a Keto Diet

Sushi Rolls with Smoked Salmon on a Keto Diet

Sushi rolls made with smoked salmon and cream cheese that are low in carbs.

 However, as you may be aware, adopting a low-carb ketogenic diet necessitates carb restriction.

Many people have a daily carb restriction of 50 grams, while others have a daily carb limit of less than 20 grams.

Sushi, whose main component is rice, has a high carbohydrate content by nature. As a result, I needed to figure out a technique to produce sushi rolls without rice.

While I can always substitute low-net-carb vegetables for rice, I wanted to make keto sushi.

Furthermore, eating raw fish (sashimi) might be too high in protein for a ketogenic diet.

With smoked salmon and cream cheese, what better way to prepare keto sushi?

In this keto sushi, I use smoked salmon instead of seaweed wrappers.

Sushi rolls with smoked salmon and cream cheese on a keto diet

After that, you wrap cream cheese and avocado in nori to create a fat-bomb sushi that’s high in both fat and protein.

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This keto sushi comes together quickly and is tasty, thanks to salty smoked salmon, silky cream cheese and avocado, and crisp cucumber.

These salmon sushi rolls are great as appetizers, party food, or a light supper!

They’re a quick and delicious way to satisfy your sushi appetite on a low-carb diet!

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Keto Sushi Rolls

These fast keto sushi rolls with only four ingredients are perfect for snacking, appetizers, party food, or a light supper. There’s no need for rice!


3 smoked salmon slices
a third of a cup of cream cheese
1 medium avocado, sliced

1/4 medium avocado, sliced 1 shredded cucumber


Prepare a big, flat square plate. Cover the platter with plastic wrap. Place 3-4 smoked salmon slices on one side of the wrap, about 10′” long.
Spread cream cheese evenly over the salmon, then layer cucumber slices and avocado slices on top.
Start rolling the sushi by peeling the wrap from the side closest to you and rolling it securely so it doesn’t break apart when cut.

Slice them into 6-7 pieces and take away the wrapper cautiously.
Serve with a dollop of coconut aminos or tamari sauce on the side (gluten-free soy sauce).
Nutritional Information: Total fats 38 grams, net carbohydrates 4 grams, protein 37 grams