Roll-Ups of Keto Sushi Smoked Salmon

Roll-Ups of Keto Sushi Smoked Salmon

Roll-Ups of Keto Sushi Smoked Salmon

With these salmon sushi pinwheels, we’re cooking sushi keto style! They’re a great snack, appetizer, party dish, or light supper!

We’re skipping the rice and seaweed wrapping in favor of a nutritious smoked salmon wrapper, how awesome is that?!

You’ll need a little planning ahead of time because they need to cool for an hour before slicing to keep their shape, but other than that, the hands-on time is short.

What exactly is Furikake?
Furikake is a spice blend from Japan. Sesame seeds, dried fish, finely chopped seaweed, and salt are common ingredients, however sugar and MSGs may also be present. Use half sesame seeds and half dried seaweed such as nori, kelp, dulse, or wakame flakes if you can’t locate a good low-carb choice.

Components (makes 2 servings)

Smoked salmon, 225 g (8 oz)
cream cheese (115 g) (4 oz)
Julienned medium cucumber (50 g/1.8 oz)
1/2 big sliced avocado (100 g/3.5 oz)
1 tablespoon furikake (sugar-free), sesame seeds, or dry seaweed flakes
Serve with coconut aminos or tamari sauce, if desired.
Place a sheet of plastic wrap on the table. Arrange the salmon on top in a rectangle approximately 12 cm/ 5″ wide by 25 cm/ 10″ long, gently overlapping.

Spread the cream cheese over the salmon with the long side facing out, about 1.5 cm/ 1/2″ from the edge. Arrange the cucumber and avocado on top, then top with furikake.
Roll-Ups of Keto Sushi Smoked Salmon
Roll the salmon into a tight roll using the plastic as a guide.
Refrigerate for one hour before cutting into 12 pieces. Serve 6 as an appetizer and 3 as a light lunch. Roll-Ups of Keto Sushi Smoked Salmon

Refrigerate for up to three days.