No bake brownie bites are fudgy, chocolaty, and secretly healthy! This easy dessert recipe is made with vegan and gluten-free ingredients including dates, walnuts, almonds, and cacao powder. Enjoy these raw brownie bliss balls for an afternoon snack, post-workout treat, or as a healthy dessert!

no bake brownie bites stacked inside a white bowl surrounded by walnuts, almonds, and chocolate chips
Looking to satisfy your chocolate cravings without steering far off your diet or spending a whole hour in the kitchen? I’ve got you covered! If you’re a fan of my no bake vegan brownies or no bake turtle brownies, you will adore these bite-sized brownie balls.

This super easy dessert recipe is made with 7 ingredients and ready in under 10 minutes. Although they contain no butter, no eggs, and no refined sugar, the flavor of these brownie bites is not compromised one bit. Each chocolaty ball tastes like an indulgent treat!

These no bake brownie bites are:

Vegan, raw, no-bake, gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free
Fudgy, chocolaty, soft, and chewy
Made with whole food ingredients
Naturally sweetened with medjool dates
Packed with antioxidants and healthy fats
Kid-approved & great for school lunches
Perfect for all chocolate lovers
no bake brownie bites in a white bowl surrounded by almonds, chocolate chips, cacao powder, and walnuts

Ready for a super easy dessert? These healthy brownie energy balls require just 7 ingredients:

Walnuts: Walnuts are a great source of several nutrients, including iron, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, and vitamin B6.
Almonds: Almonds are rich in healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamin E, manganese, and magnesium.
Medjool dates: Instead of butter and sugar, these no bake brownie bites gain their fudgy texture and sweet flavor from medjool dates.
Cacao powder: Both cacao powder and cocoa powder can be used in this recipe. However, cacao powder is higher in magnesium, iron, protein, and fiber.
Chocolate chips: I recommend using vegan mini chocolate chips, but regular chocolate chips work just as well. Semi-sweet is preferable over dark chocolate.
Vanilla: Don’t skip out on the vanilla! Use a high-quality vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste. For vanilla bean paste, however, reduce the amount by half.
Salt: A pinch of salt balances the rich, nutty, and sweet flavors of all other ingredients.
small bowls of walnuts, almonds, cacao powder, chocolate chips, vanilla, and salt on a marble board

For the full ingredients list and step-by-step instructions, see the recipe card below.

The recipe begins by combining nuts, dates, cacao powder, vanilla, and salt in a food processor. After just a couple minutes of processing, the ingredients will combine to create a sticky dough.

The fudgy brownie dough is then transferred to a bowl and combined with mini chocolate chips. Finally, the dough is rolled into bite-sized balls. It’s that simple!

chocolate bliss balls in a white bowl with a bite taken out of the center one
Add water, if needed. The fudgy brownie dough is created by combining nuts, dates, and cacao in a food processor. While processing, the ingredients should crumble and, eventually, form into a sticky dough. If your medjool dates are on the drier/harder side, you may have a difficult time achieving a sticky texture (it will be crumbly instead). If this issue arises, no worries! Simply add 1-2 tablespoon water and process the ingredients again. The additional moisture will help bind the ingredients together and the dough will become sticky.


These no bake brownie bites are fudgy, chewy, and oh so chocolaty! Enjoy this 10-minute dessert recipe made with vegan, gluten-free, and healthy ingredients. Each bite-sized brownie is great for an afternoon snack or post-workout treat.


1 cup raw walnuts
½ cup raw almonds
12 medjool dates, pitted
⅓ cup cacao powder
1 tsp vanilla extract
¼ tsp salt
¼ cup mini chocolate chips
1–2 tablespoon water, as needed
Add walnuts, almonds, medjool dates, cacao powder, vanilla extract, and salt to a food processor. Process the ingredients until a sticky dough forms. If your dough is crumbly rather than sticky, add 1-2 tablespoon water and process again. The additional moisture will help the ingredients stick together.
Transfer the fudgy brownie dough to a bowl. Add chocolate chips. Use a rubber spatula, spoon, or clean hands to mix in the chocolate chips.
Line a plate with parchment paper. Scoop the brownie dough into 1-inch rounds. Use clean hands to roll them into balls. Enjoy!