Low Carb High Protein Meals For Weight Loss

Low Carb High Protein Meals For Weight Loss

Low Carb High Protein Meals For Weight Loss

Today’s post is all about meal recipes and food that are low carb high protein meals and recipes that aid in losing weight. These kinds of foods and meals prevent a person from gaining a lot of weight. They also help in bodybuilding without causing unwanted health issues.

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What is low carb high protein diet?
As the name suggests it is a diet rich in protein but has lesser carbohydrates. These kinds of diet inclusion in daily meal plans help in keeping the body healthy. It also helps in maintaining a healthy heart and keeps diabetes away.

Carbohydrates give instant energy but the major drawback of including a high-carb diet is weight gain. The high carbohydrates such as sugars break down easily.

After breaking they are absorbed by the blood. This causes diabetes that is high blood sugar levels and also has the risk of heart diseases.

Having balanced high protein and low carb meals or no-carb can aid in living a healthy lifestyle. It also helps manage weight in a healthy way.

In simple terms, trying to make recipes or meals that contain fewer carbohydrates and have higher protein content is the best way to have a fit body.

What are carbohydrates?
There are two types of carbohydrates, one is simple carbs and the other is complex carbs. Simple carbs are unhealthy and can cause weight gain easily. Complex carbs are healthy and including complex carbs in daily diet to prepare meals helps in healthy weight management.

Sugars, starches, fibre, fat, protein, all these are macronutrients and types of carbs. Some are healthy and some are unhealthy carbs.

What are simple carbohydrates?
These are basically sugar foods, bread, ice creams, chocolates, rice, some sweet fruits. Everything that contains sugar whether the sugar occurs naturally or added sugars, break quickly in a body causing the sugar levels to rise.

Having no carbohydrates in the diet is also a health risk. They cause blood sugar levels to reduce completely. Therefore, include carbs in the diet but in a healthy manner.

Including a lot of high sugar, foods can cause heart problems too and diabetes.

What are complex carbohydrates?
Starches and fibre foods are complex carbs that can take a longer time to break down and keep us full and maintain the levels of sugar in a body.

Starches such as sweet potatoes, oats, brown rice, whole wheat, chickpeas, black beans are healthy carbs. They take a long time to break down and help maintain body weight in a healthy manner.

Fibre is also a type of complex carb that does not break down and aids in proper digestion. Therefore, having these kinds of carbohydrates such as fibre rich foods helps in good digestion.

They also give energy as well as do not put on weight but having only fibre rich food is not digested quickly and cause lower blood sugars immediately.

Therefore, having carbs is essential but always try to include good carbs and not sugary foods to avoid weight gain. Do not confuse yourself and try to limit your intake of carbohydrates with a balanced diet.

Benefits of protein
Protein-rich foods help in bodybuilding and are building blocks of the body. They help in repairing the cells of the body and also help in creating new cells other than repairing them.

Protein breaks down into amino acids which in turn is used by cells to repair them well or to create new cells and build the body muscles, tissues well.

Protein-rich foods help us feel full without increasing hunger and help in lowering the appetite which in turn prevents us from eating unhealthy foods.

A protein diet does not cause diabetes too. Having a protein-rich diet prevents us from taking sugar-rich foods that increase body weight. Therefore, protein foods always help in healthy weight management and try to keep the tummy full.

Benefits of high protein low carb diet or meals
Protein-rich foods along with a minimal amount of carbs in the foods we eat help in maintaining balanced sugar levels reduce the risk of heart issues. It also helps in better digestion and aids in better weight loss management without gaining weight.

The foods should be a mix of both and having only high protein food without including carbs can make a person dizzy, tired, lose energy which can lead to other health issues.

Therefore, always try to have and include both proteins and fewer carbs to lose weight.

Always remember to have a balanced diet to lead a healthy lifestyle. Never try having just a high protein diet or just having a low carb diet. Making recipes that contain all nutrients is the better way of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Cons of high protein diet
Protein-rich foods contain unhealthy fats that can lead to heart problems, bone issues. For example, meat is high in protein but intake of high proteins such as meat can have a large number of fats leading to raising levels of cholesterol.

Always choose healthy foods with good protein and fibre in them.

low carb high protein foods
There are various foods rich in protein and lower carbs to keep us full throughout the day and can be used as snacks or can use them to make meals.

These foods include almonds, eggs, milk, lean meats, salmon, chicken breast, walnuts, greek yoghurt, cheese etc…

Try to use salmon or chicken in the main meal preparation. Have seeds and greek yoghurt as snacking foods along with fibre rich fruits such as apples, berries. They give us energy and better digestion.

Check out the below recipes that are high protein and low carb meals that are useful in making breakfast recipes, lunch recipes, dinner recipes, snacks, vegetarian recipes or for weight loss.

List of recipes that are a good choice to make as weight loss low carb protein recipes.


Tuna Omelette
2 eggs
1 cup spinach ( chopped
¼ cup cheddar cheese (or shredded cheese)
¼ cup minced or ground tuna
Baked chicken salad
1 chicken breast piece, medium size
¼ teaspoon black pepper powder
salt to taste
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 teaspoon lemon extract
¼ cup corn
handful of lettuce leaves
¼ cup sliced red onions
¼ cup cherry tomatoes, chopped
4-5 broccoli florets
¼ cup boiled chickpeas
salt as required
¼ teaspoon black pepper powder
1 teaspoon lemon juice
¼ cup cilantro leaves
Cauliflower fried rice
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon minced garlic
150 gms chicken breast. cut into small pieces
¼ cup frozen peas or boiledpeas
¼ cup chopped carrots
1 cup cauliflower, riced
2 eggs
1 teaspoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon sriracha sauce or chili garlic sauce
salt to taste
Tuna Omelette recipe
In a bowl, add eggs and beat them well.

Add chopped spinach, cheese to the beaten eggs, mix well.

Ground tuna and mix everything well.

Add salt if required or needed.

Take a pan, add olive oil or spray some olive oil all over the pan.

Pour the mixture and spread slightly.

Cook well on both sides and serve.

Baked chicken salad
Season the chicken breast with salt, pepper powder, lemon extract and olive oil.

Can add other spices too such as oregano, basil, paprika etc…

Marinate for 10-15minutes.

Preheat the oven to 180°F and bake the chicken 20-25 miutes.

Cut the baked chicken into small slices.

To prepare salad use veggies such as onions, tomatoes, steamed broccoli, lettuce leaves, corn, chickpeas, cilantro leaves, salt, pepper powder, lemon extract.

Can add other healthy veggies if required.

Mix everything well.

Add the baked chicken to the healthy veg salad.

baked chicken salad is ready to serve.

Cauliflower fried rice
Take a pan, add oil and heat it.

Minced garlic, add chicken and cook the chicken pieces until nicely done.

Peas, chopped carrots, saute few minues.

Riced cauliflower and stir few minutes.

Beaten eggs,cook for a few minutes and scramble the eggs.

Add salt to taste, black pepper powder, soy sauce, sriracha sauce, mix well.

Saute for a minute and serve hot.

The nutrition values above are given for chicken but all the recipes have good protein content and fewer calories…