Lava Cake and Brownies

Lava Cake and Brownies

This cake is excellent and has a wonderful chocolate flavor. Keep the cake in the fridge and you’ll enjoy it since I adore the taste, especially when it’s cold!

5 eggs and 150 g sifted flour
Egg yolks, two
caster sugar, 120 g
Ovalette, 1 teaspoon
1 teaspoon corn flour
50 grams of sifted cocoa powder
Butter 200 grams
I use Cadbury’s 220 g milk chocolate.
150 g of chopped dark chocolate (this is the filling)

First, preheat your steamer.
2. Melt milk chocolate and butter. Let cool.
3. Include the ovalette, corn flour, sugar, and flour. Mix well at a high speed.
5. Include the chocolate powder. Mix thoroughly.
5. Add the butter-milk chocolate batter and combine thoroughly with a spatula.
6. Split the batter evenly into two parts.
7. Transfer the first batch to a round 8″ oiled baking pan. For 10 to 20 minutes, steam under foil protection.
8. Turn on the steamer, sprinkling the dark chocolate evenly before adding the second part. For a further 20 minutes, steam it under cover to ensure proper cooking.
9. Enable cooling.

Well, making it is simple.

Egg white contains between 85 and 90 percent water, 10 to 12 percent protein, and less than 1% of minerals, carbs, and lipids. Since the protein’s lipids are polyunsaturated, they are not toxic. Protein contains no cholesterol.

Water makes up half of the yolk’s makeup. Its proteins make up 15 to 16 percent of it, and its fat makes up one third of it. Vitamins A, D, and E are also present in yolk. Cholesterol is present in egg yolks but not in egg whites.