“L’unico frutto dell’amor e la banana…” is a refrain of a song that was quite popular years ago, mainly thanks to an advertisement that was aired on television every day, but had nothing to do with bananas. Unlike advertising, however, this cake has a lot to do with bananas, where the banana is actually the main star. Together with chocolate, they merge into a triumphant “chorus” that you never get tired of.

Dessert composition:

Chocolate biscuit
Peanut crunch
Banana jelly
Milk chocolate toppings
Banana ganache cream
Chocolate biscuit:
75 g almond flour (finely ground blanched almonds)
60 g sugar A
20 g protein A
32 g of egg yolks
20 g sweet cream (liquid)
1 g of salt
32 g butter
32 g dark chocolate 64%
20 g sugar B
80 g protein B
33 g of flour
1.5 g of baking powder
9 g of cocoa
Preheat the oven to 180 ° C and prepare a 30 x 20 cm baking tray lined with baking paper. In a bowl, mix butter, cream and chocolate and melt over low heat or in the microwave to 45-50 ° C. In a bowl of an electric mixer, mix the almond flour, sugar A, egg yolks, egg whites A and salt. Add the butter, cream and chocolate mixture and mix well. Beat the B proteins separately, gradually adding the B sugar, into the light snow. In a few steps, while mixing by hand with a spatula, add the snow to the biscuit mass. Finally, mix the flour, cocoa and baking powder by hand, which we previously sifted together. Arrange in a baking dish and bake in a preheated oven for about 10 minutes. Cool the baked biscuit on the grill. From the biscuit cut a circle with a diameter of 16 cm or. any size that is smaller than the diameter of the finished cake.

Peanut crunch
2 g cocoa butter
20 g of milk chocolate
30 g peanut butter
15 g of peanut croquettes
15 g of crispy waffles or cornflakes
Melt the cocoa butter and chocolate over low heat or in the microwave. Add the peanut butter and mix well. Add peanut crunch and crispy waffles. Spread the dough thinly on the biscuit disc and save until use.

Banana jelly
70 g of banana puree
180 g of banana, cut into pieces
40 g butter
20 g brown sugar
5 g vanilla paste
3 g gelatin
8 g of rum
Soak the gelatin in cold water. Melt the butter, sugar and vanilla over low heat. Add the banana pieces and simmer just enough until the banana starts to crumble, then add the rum. Stir in the gelatin dissolved in the banana puree. Fill a ring or silicone model with a diameter of 16 cm with the mass, cool and place in the freezer so that the jelly hardens completely. Jelly can be prepared in advance.

Banana ganache cream
340 g sweet cream
160 g of banana puree
20 g of invert sugar
20 g of glucose syrup
half a vanilla pod
4 g of gelatin
136 g of white chocolate
Soak the gelatin in cold water. Bring 85 g of cream, banana puree, glucose syrup, invert sugar and vanilla to a boil and leave covered for 20 minutes. Dissolve the shredded gelatin in the mixture. Melt the white chocolate. While still warm, pour the first mixture over the chocolate in three steps, while stirring constantly, to obtain a smooth and homogeneous emulsion. Add the remaining cream and emulsion with a stick mixer. Strain and leave to rest in the refrigerator covered.

Milk chocolate toppings
60 g of milk
1.5 g of gelatin
3 g of glucose syrup
100 g of milk chocolate
120 g sweet cream
Soak the gelatin in cold water. Bring the milk and glucose syrup to a boil and dissolve the squeezed gelatin in it. Pour all together over the melted milk chocolate and emulsion with a stick mixer. Add liquid sweet cream and emulsify again. Lightly pour on top of the chilled banana jelly, cool and place in the freezer until the cake is assembled.

Assembling the cake
Whip the banana ganache cream lightly and fill a pastry bag with it. Insert a layer of banana cream into a silicone model or metal ring with a diameter of 18 cm, insert an insert of banana jelly and chocolate topping, re-spray a layer of cream and finish with chocolate biscuit so that the peanut crunchy is on the outside and the biscuit is in contact with the cream. Place the cake in the freezer for a few hours, preferably overnight. Remove the well-frozen cake from the model and sprinkle it with velor milk chocolate spray and decorate as desired. Before serving, place the cake in the refrigerator for a few hours to soften or. thaws.

From my note
The stated quantities are suitable for a silicone cake model with a diameter of 18 cm.
There is more biscuit than we need, but the remaining biscuit can be frozen and saved for other desserts or eaten as it is juicy and tasty.